The development of SAS Hagmann GmbH & Co.KG since 1996.

SAS Hagmann Logo – passion for chemical analysis

2022 – "passion for chemical analysis"
Corporate redesign, including a new logo, website relaunch and a more focused strategic alignment of the brand.

Geschäftsführung SAS Hagmann GmbH & Co.KG.

Manfred Hagmann and Philipp Langenbach


Räume der Geschäftsleitung
new premises
Bistro / Kantine bei SAS Hagmann
Bistro / canteen bei SAS Hagmann
Bistro / Kantine bei SAS Hagmann
Bistro / canteen bei SAS Hagmann

Enlargement of the operating area to 1000 m²

ZLG-Anerkennung als Prüflabor für Medizinprodukte und für chem. und physikalisch-chemische Prüfungen von Medizinprodukten für SAS Hagmann

ZLG-recognition as a testing laboratory for medical devices and for chem. and physico-chemical tests of medical devices

Expansion of the business area of particle analysis, as well as the analysis of metals in plastics and pharmaceuticals with ICP-MS.

(until today)  Constant participation in ZIM projects, which are part of a federal programme for small and medium-sized enterprises that supports ambitious technical development projects.

Introduction of the determination of residual flux quantity in aluminium-based heat exchangers.

GMP confirmation

Introduction of DIN EN ISO 17025

Establishment of the REM-EDX method

Introduction QMH

Certification according to DIN ISO 9002

altes Logo SAS Hagmann

1996 – Foundation in Horb am Neckar
Foundation of SAS Hagmann GmbH in the fields of GC, HPLC und FT-IR

Horb am Neckar
Horb am Neckar